scale1 [skāl]
[ME < LL scala (in Vulg., Jacob's ladder) < L, usually as pl., scalae, flight of stairs, ladder < * scandsla < scandere, to climb: see DESCEND]
1. Obs.
a) a ladder or flight of stairs
b) any means of ascent
a) a series of marks along a line, at regular or graduated intervals, used in measuring or registering something [the scale of a thermometer]
b) any instrument or ruler marked in this manner
a) the proportion that a map, model, etc. bears to the thing that it represents; ratio between the dimensions of a representation and those of the object [a scale of one inch to a mile]
b) a line marked off on a map to indicate this ratio or proportion
a) a system of grouping or classifying in a series of steps or degrees according to a standard of relative size, amount, rank, etc. [the social scale, a wage scale]
b) a progressive graduated series, as of psychological or educational tests or scores
c) any point, grade, level, or degree in such a series
5. Math. a system of numerical notation [the binary scale]
6. Music a series of tones arranged in a sequence of rising or falling pitches in accordance with any of various systems of intervals; esp., all of such a series contained in one octave: see also CHROMATIC, DIATONIC, MAJOR SCALE, MINOR SCALE
scaled, scaling
a) to climb up or over; go up by or as by a ladder or by clambering
b) to reach or surmount (specified heights)
2. to regulate, make, or set according to a scale
3. to measure by or as by a scale
4. to measure (logs) or estimate the board feet of (timber)
1. to climb; go up
2. to go up in a graduated series
on a large scale or on a small scale
to a relatively large (or small, etc.) degree or extent
scale back
SCALE DOWN (see phrase below)
☆ scale up or scale down
to reduce (or increase), often according to a fixed ratio or proportion
scale2 [skāl]
[ME, aphetic < OFr escale, husk, shell (< Frank skala) & escaille, shell (< Goth skalja): both < Gmc * skalja, something split off < IE base * (s)kel-, to cut > SHELL, HALF]
1. any of the thin, flat, overlapping, rigid, horny plates forming the outer protective covering of the body in many fishes and reptiles and of the tails of a few mammals: see FISH
2. any of the structurally similar thin plates on birds' legs or certain insects' wings
a) the single, round plate secreted by a scale insect
4. any thin, flaky or platelike layer or piece, as of dry skin, mail armor, etc.
5. a flaky film of oxide that forms on heated or rusted metals
6. a coating that forms on the inside of boilers, kettles, or other metal containers that heat liquids
7. any greatly reduced scalelike leaf or bract; esp., such a modified leaf covering and protecting the bud of a seed plant
scaled, scaling
1. to strip or scrape scales from
2. to remove in thin layers; pare down
3. to cause scales to form on; cover with scales
4. to throw (a thin, flat object) so that its edge cuts the air or so that it skips along the surface of water
5. Dentistry to remove (tartar) from the teeth with a sharp instrument
1. to flake or peel off in scales
2. to become covered with scale or scales
scale3 [skāl]
[ME < ON skāl, bowl, weighing balance; akin to OHG scala, OE scealu, SHELL: see SCALE2]
1. either of the shallow dishes or pans of a balance
2. [often pl.]
a) BALANCE (sense 1)
b) any weighing machine
scaled, scaling
1. to weigh in scales
2. to have a weight of
to be weighed
the Scales
Libra, the constellation and seventh sign of the Zodiac
turn the scales
to determine or decide something uncertain [the arrival of fresh troops turned the scales]

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